with Akorede May-Las and Sarah Essey

Abundance, Association and Prosperity

So i was talking recently with a very close friend of mine and I’ve decided to share an important segment of our conversation with you guys. Enjoy

Essey: My friend Tosin taught me about having an abundant mindset, seeing the world as an ocean full of abundance--

Akorede: Yeah, full of possibilities

Essey: You can never exhaust the earth; everyone can take their share and be rich and be awesome and so I had to start changing my mindset too.

Akorede: Someone once said something about that, he was like; “if you go to the Atlantic ocean with a spoon and you take one teaspoon of water, will the ocean feel it?” and we were like “No”, and he said “What if you go there with a bowl, will the ocean feel it?” and we said “No” and he said “What about a bucket?”, we said “No” then he said “How about you go there with a tank, will the ocean still feel the impact?”, we said “No”. Then he said, “That’s how the world is, you can take as much as you want in the world and it won’t reduce what the world still has to offer”. So, it’s all dependent on how much you can take, not how much the ocean can give. (Laughs)

Essey: Wow! I like that.

Akorede: It’s a matter of thirst. How thirsty are you?

Essey: Exactly, it’s not about what the ocean can give, it’s about what you can take.

Akorede: It’s the same with the ability of God. It’s how much do you want to take from God, it’s not a matter of how much God can do. How much do you want to receive from God?

Essey: Very true! If everyone in this Ife goes to the Atlantic Ocean to drink, it still won’t feel the effect. It won’t still feel it.

Akorede: Exactly.

Essey: The earth is already 70% water. You don’t want to know how deep some water bodies are. I used to have this same mindset with men too. It used to look to me like there’s only 1% of good men and I kept trying to open my mind to the fact that there are better people out there, and I don’t blame myself because if you have an idea of where I’m coming from and the things I’ve experienced in the past, it takes a lot-- the bible knew what it was saying when it said to renew your mind, e get why, cos realities are not the same, you might be having a different reality from mine yet we’re in the same situation but we’re seeing differently. So, where I’m coming from, it’s like I just grew up with this weird mindset about men, (laughs) not a single one was good, not even pastors. So abundant mindset is what I’m trying to develop and renew my mind to the possibility that there are better men in the world than the few ones I’ve met. So back to Tosin, I love the way she talks about me, I love the way she hypes, this girl hypes me, she prays for me. The last time I saw her, she told me how she prays for all her friends and I was like “Wow”. People don’t know how important it is to have amazing people around you. Sometimes your own experiences, your limitations, your small mindset can cover the light you have, can cover the treasure you have, but because of their light, they illuminate some of that darkness off, so that you can see how bright you are. So, the more amazing friends you have, the more rivers of living waters to wash away the sand that is covering your gold, the better you see the gold you have in you, and the brighter it shines. The more amazing people that speak words into you, the more your eyes are open. There’ll always be enough light, your eyes may just be too closed. The iris constricts when you get into abundant light in a bid to regulate how much light comes in. Your eye is so close to the light so the iris is constricting and you just need some people to help you open your eyes a little bit more to see how bright you are on the inside. That is why I don’t joke with the people around me.

Akorede: Hmmm. Yeah! The sharpness of iron is dependent on the availability of other irons around it (Prov. 27:17). Iron needs iron for it to get sharpened, so if there are no irons around, then iron A is going to get blunt as a result of time and keep getting blunt for life.

Essey: (Laughs)

Akorede: So, for iron A to keep getting sharpened, it needs to have a lot of irons around it.

Essey: That makes sense. That’s even a shorter way to put it. This is called edifying. We’ve edified one another. Sometimes, you can even sharpen something and it gets blunt over time--

Akorede: Hmm-mmm Yeah!

Essey: So, you’ve re-sharpened some things right now and I’m just grateful. I liked that ocean stuff we talked about. It’s not about what the ocean can give, it’s about what you can take. That’s deep!

Akorede: It’s not about what the ocean can give, it’s about what you can take. You will drink, drink, drink, and you will get full and the ocean will be like--

Essey: (Laughs) you can drink so much that you can even drown if you drink beyond what your capacity can take per time. So, you need to develop the capacity to take more also.

Akorede: Wow! Do you know what just came to my spirit now? Even if you take today and the ocean feels it, before tomorrow the ocean will get full back.

Essey: Yes na! That’s true o. Rain.

Akorede: Yeah. Rain comes. The ocean is like “you take as much as you can, by the time you come back tomorrow, I’m refilled again”

Essey: (Laughs)

Akorede: That is why people, pastors that give, that give revelations, that help people get better don’t die in terms of light, before the next day, before the next Sunday, God has blessed them with more light (Prov 11:25). Pastor comes today and he preaches his heart out and then -- sometimes I wonder Pastor Segun Obadje would preach a message today on prosperity and I’ll be like “Wow, this is a new revelation, how does that happen? Cos the last one he preached two years ago blessed me so much that I’m still listening to it till today and here is another one and he’s saying it from a different level of light. Does it ever end? (laughs)”. I mean the day he talked about how God brought the children of Israel out of Egypt with silver and gold, from day one, they haven’t even started their faith journey and they were already rich. He talked about how Abraham hadn’t even been so serious in his faith journey and the bible said he was already very rich (Gen 13:2), he was still Abram, not Abraham, and then he ended his story by being blessed in all things (Gen 24:1). Financial Prosperity doesn’t even take so much. Bible calls it the least of all things, “He that is faithful to me in the least…” (Luke 16) and he was talking about money. So, money is the least of our inheritances in the kingdom of God. The way we are, we’re the ones hindering ourselves because we’ve exalted money beyond its place, we’ve made It a god, we see it as something that is not easily within our reach and that is because we’ve been looking at those in the world, the unbelievers who wealth is actually beyond their reach, they are the ones who wealth is a stranger to, so they have to struggle to reach it. But for us (the believers, children of God), we are in wealth.

Essey: And most of them (the world) they have to take sweat and stress, it takes their strength, it takes their peace, it takes their happiness--

Akorede: Something just came to my head now. When God created Adam, he created him into wealth. He brought him into wealth. He didn’t have to work (struggle). God was like “tend the garden” (Gen 2:15), in other words, “manage this wealth that I have already brought you in” and then when God sent them out of the garden, God said, “Now, you guys will have to work, till the ground, sweat and you’ll eat the fruit of your sweat” (Gen 3:17-19). So, you can look at it, from the two different angles, when they were in the kingdom vs when they were sent out. For someone who is outside the kingdom of God, he has to work and stress himself out, they call it “hard-earned money”. Hard-earned. The bible was like they have to till the ground, they have to struggle, they’ll have to eat of their sweat. But in the kingdom, you don’t have to eat of your sweat. The fruits are provided already for you and you’re just supposed to manage it, sustain it, replenish the earth (Gen 1:28)

Essey: Multiply.

Akorede: Yeah. Be fruitful and multiply. You’re not supposed to till the ground for you to eat. And that’s why the bible says, Let the people praise Him, then the earth shall yield her increase (Psa 67:5-6). You’re not to make the earth yield. You’re going to be in that relationship with God, that communication with God, that fellowship with God, but the earth will respond to that fellowship by yielding her increase. But for them, they have to till the ground morning, day and night, and the devil will still come to plant weeds--

Essey: Exactly! Wow

Akorede: And they have to take away the weeds for them to enjoy the fruits. For them (the unbelievers), getting money was stressful, so most of us are looking at them and we are thinking we also have to stress for us to be prosperous and God is like “No, you don’t have to stress, wealth is the least of all things in this family. Making you wealthy is the least of all things”

Essey: These people aren’t even wealthy. Do you know what it means to be wealthy? Most of them are simply rich. What’s paining me is that, you’re eating out of your stress, your sweat, you’re sacrificing your body, your health--

Akorede: your family

Essey: for just money, for just apple.

Akorede: Exactly.

Essey: When you can also have watermelon, banana, the whole garden, the animals

Akorede: The rivers, everything

Essey: So as a believer you can be truly wealthy, wealthy in faith, wealthy in money

Akorede: You abound in everything (2 co 8:7)

Essey: Your body is wealthy

Akorede: Your network is wealthy, your mind is wealthy

Essey: Your spiritual gifts, your ability to discern, heal people, bless people. Your impact is wealthy. That’s wealth.

Stick around for more spontaneous conversations i might have with other people.



The Father's Son. I talk on Word-of-Mouth Marketing, Customer Experience, Pricing and Differentiation. maylas.akorede@gmail.com

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May-Las Akorede

May-Las Akorede

The Father's Son. I talk on Word-of-Mouth Marketing, Customer Experience, Pricing and Differentiation. maylas.akorede@gmail.com

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