Richard Branson, A great entrepreneur has this to say;

“Business has to give people enriching, rewarding lives; or it’s simply not worth doing”

If what you are doing does not better the life of your customer then you’re simply stealing and not running a business.

The thoughts that run in your mind daily should be how you can provide solutions to your customer, how you can increase their productivity, their worth, and their business NOT how you can take more money from them.

Money is the result of being a blessing to your customers. Value first then money.

A friend of mine once said “Money is a by-product of creating value”

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My name is May-Las Akorede (The Mouth to Mouth Expert), I’m the host of “The Business Gist” podcast, I run a Birthday Portrait and Fashion Photography Business called “Data Studios”, and an Exclusive Luxury-Wedding Photography business called “Wedding Clicks”.

I also run a Consultancy Firm where I help businesses with little or no advertising budget come up with word of mouth marketing strategies that they can incorporate into their businesses to make their customers tell other customers about them.

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